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Minimalist modern architecture – Nolla Cabin

<pre>Minimalist modern architecture - Nolla Cabin
Minimalist modern architecture Nolla Cabin

In this article we provoke your understanding of modern architecture with a very futuristic work by Robin Falck. The name of the project is "Nolla cabin" and the first question that arises when considering this is the following: Could you really live in it? Yes, you can probably and in the future you will increasingly access to such design concepts. The main advantages are obvious – ergonomics and flexibility. And yes, with the use of high-quality materials and well thought-out congestion and living concepts, you can feel comfortable there. Client of the project is the company Neste and the style is unmistakably Scandinavian.

Model for minimalist modern architecture

blue sky and modern architecture

Modern architecture and sustainability

There are many perspectives in which modern architecture moves, but a tendency can not be ignored. The point is that architectural concepts of the future should be as sustainable as possible. Robin Falck – a modern designer and artist at the same time, seems quite believable.

Sustainability is obviously his number one priority. In the sense of this he seems to be experimenting to find out how to achieve maximum comfort at minimum area. Because "Nolla cabin" seems to be hot, but at the same time it becomes one with nature and pampers the person living there with the highest quality of execution. So you feel a lot freer.

There is more to it than it seems at first glance

Modern architecture on a hill

Realism and modern architecture

Actually, we would like to leave open the question of how realistic it is to live in such a modern architectural project. But we are happy to present the various positions and comments on this. The positive aspects include the opportunity to focus on the essential things in life and to avoid superfluous. This is exactly what many people need to do to be more successful in their everyday life and during their travels. This device can be installed practically everywhere. Weather resistance and stability are there despite the fine-looking structure. Of course, the strongest negative factor is the tight space. But not everyone agrees!
Although the wooden hut looks a little narrow, but through the transparent walls you feel connected to the environment and you can include this as a living space. Especially in warm weather that's no problem at all. Another disadvantage is, of course, despite good insulation, that a cold weather is not suitable for living in the middle of nature.

Modern architecture designers like to rely on materials of the highest quality

modern architecture frontal view

Different contexts for this kind of modern architecture

Above all, this kind of modern architecture is meant for different landscapes in nature. Due to the possibility of taking apart and reassembling parts, this hut can be adapted to different terrains, including complicated ones. However, such a project would not be excluded for an urban context as well. Something like that you could gain additional living space or expand the courtyard. Where would you rather live? Do you want to experiment in such a small sustainable house?

The transparent walls give the feeling of freedom and openness
outward view modern architecture

With such a view, the room does not feel tight

modern architecture side table idea

Functional elements such as the lights also have a decorative value

Modern architecture perspective on a lake

Practical stowage ideas are of enormous importance

great bed and view of the lake modern architecture

Minimalist architecture and innovative interior design – effective use of wall surfaces
a great bed to sleep modern architecture

Through mirrored surfaces, such modern architecture can be particularly magical

modern architecture a beautiful light

Many people could feel comfortable in such an ambience

Person standing in modern architecture

great bed and view of the lake modern architecture

modern architecture a beautiful light

Inside, a cooking area has been integrated as well

modern architecture bin in the corner

modern architecture great kitchenette

beautiful lake and modern architecture


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