Home DIY Projects Looking for simple and funny DIY Christmas gifts? Here are over 50...

Looking for simple and funny DIY Christmas gifts? Here are over 50 ideas!

alles in weiß weihnachtsgeschenke
Looking for simple and funny DIY Christmas gifts Here are over 50 ideas

Simple and funny – is that the description of DIY Christmas gifts that you consider ideal? If your answer is "yes" then you are certainly in the right place with us. The homemade gift ideas that we present will turn ordinary items into something special. Furthermore, they combine the practical needs with the typical decorative claim for Christmas. Besides, they will certainly bring a smile to your face. Have you become curious?

Christmas presents with a great message

Everything in white Christmas presents

Object with Christmas message

Even the simplest Christmas gifts can be special if you provide them with the right human message. A chocolate or a cup of coffee with a happy festive motto are a great example of this. Sit down on the humor, because we need it in all life situations!

In the example above, we have a great example idea for this approach.

Beer bottles as Christmas gifts

Beer bottles Christmas presents

DIY Christmas gift idea to a favorite theme

Does the person you want to gift drink beer? If that's the case then why should he give it up at Christmas? You can buy a cool bottle of an original beer brandy and decorate it for Christmas and give it away. A great example of this can be seen in the picture above! Similarly, you can of course proceed with wine and other pleasurable gifts!

Natural materials and shine – a well-functioning combo!

effective idea of ​​christmas presents

Simple materials and yet a lot of shine

You do not need overly complicated materials to make glamorous and creative DIY Christmas gifts. With a bit of foil and the matching sprays in silver and golden shades you will achieve a fabulous effect. All you needed for the Christmas present above was an empty disposable glass. The little balls can be chocolates or other round objects. The natural elements substantially refine the whole project.

Great food as Christmas presents

food boxes christmas presents

Delicious food as Christmas presents

Delicious baking recipes are always welcome at Christmas. These can be beautifully, if simply, packaged and offered to your loved one. Surely there are simple and original recipe ideas that you can bake in larger quantities and all taste. What would you like to cook your loved one at Christmas? What is in the great food gifts in the picture above?

Knitting great Christmas Tavern!

knitted balls christmas presents

Knitted DIY Christmas gifts are welcome

But you could knit so many different things. It could be Christmas balls. Or maybe you choose decorative pillows, quilts or other great accessories. When it comes to making Christmas gift ideas from the heart, then the warm textiles in this form are always welcome.

This could be a great gift box for Christmas

shiny balls - great christmas presents

Gift boxes with small gifts

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to a universal idea for Christmas presents. Take a Christmas-themed gift box or tinker with it. You can fill these with Christmassy-looking and seeming items such as chocolates, different fabrics, great fragrances and so on. Every Christmas gift appears surprising and special!

We wish you a merry christmas!

Traditional DIY Christmas gift ideas made of glass

in two glasses christmas presents

Making paper decorations for Christmas – here are some ideas

Little gifts and asterisks Christmas presents

small bags of christmas presents

small packetchen christmas presents

Chocolate for Christmas – great gift idea

{Freebie} Holiday Inspired Chocolate Wrappers

nature dishes christmas presents

Collection of sweets Christmas presents

Christmas gifts that can serve as decoration afterwards

beautiful christmas wreaths christmas presents

Great soap Christmas presents

Great DIY Ideas Christmas Gifts

Scented candles for Christmas – that's always hip

great scented candles christmas presents

great cards and ideas christmas presents

Great cake Christmas presents

Another decoration and gift idea for Christmas

Christmas presents - small garlands

Christmas presents (17)

Christmas presents (18)

Glamorous boots as Christmas gifts

Christmas presents (19)

Christmas presents (26)

Christmas presents (27)

Mug with Santa Claus as a Christmas genius idea

Hot Cocoa Gift Set + Free Favor Tags

Christmas presents celebratory set

Christmas presents glass with pencils

Plastic dishes as a Christmas gift idea

Christmas presents kids idea

christmas gifts easy idea

Christmas presents. small cookies

Christmas presents little pampering

DIY fir-tree for Christmas

Christmas presents - small fir-tree

Christmas presents delicious sweets

Christmas presents delicious little cakes

Keckse as Christmas gift ideas

Christmas presents delicious sweet ideas

Christmas presents with green decoration

Christmas presents beautiful ideas with fabric

Practical Christmas gifts are especially popular

Christmas presents beautiful bags

Christmas presents very cuddly

Christmas presents very tasty

Delicious sweets – great Christmas gifts

Christmas presents sweet chopsticks

Christmas gifts cup for coffee

christmas presents great diy ideas

The beautiful packaging sometimes brings more joy than the gift

christmas gifts great gift ideas

Christmas presents, great muffins

Christmas presents great scent

Modern are Christmas gifts that bring pleasure

Christmas gifts bags gifts

modifiable small vase of christmas presents

wonderful balls christmas presents (6)


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