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Let’s blow the first candle of my book "The Nature Workshops" – The Delicate Parenthesis

<pre>Let's blow the first candle of my book "The Nature Workshops" - The Delicate Parenthesis
Let39s blow the first candle of my book quotThe Nature Workshopsquot The Delicate Parenthesis

The first candle, a year.

One year that my book “The Nature Workshops of La Délicate Parenthèse”at born .

And at the dawn of his birthday I finally take the time … to write a few words about him.

Many of you have been providing what has been a real challenge as well as a great accomplishment for me. Many of you have returned to me as well, sharing your photos of my book with the little one #ladelicateparenthese. It has touched me as much as it is embarrassed, since it is so imperfect in my eyes … and at the same time is imperfection not what we are advocating here? The birthday candle of nature workshops La Délicate Parenthèse Workshop nature creation the delicate parenthesis So I reveal here, some images from this book, indeed, to put on paper my photographs, my thoughts, my values ​​and my perception of what life was, was a daring bet!

I am not a professional photographer, who believed that one day I will be contacted for my images, for my universe and my identity? I will not have bet, and yet. And yet I am here, to unveil a little more each day, to also assert my identity, to draw the lines of a course that looks more like me every step. Creation Do it yourself bookshops nature The Delicate Parenthesis Book the nature workshops The delicate parenthesis Creation Do it yourself candle book workshops nature The delicate parenthesis And finally to make me a little confident, thanks to you, thanks to your many words, your questions, your pretty attentions. All this would not have happened without you, on the other side to receive, welcome, react, read, or just look and put these values ​​into your daily life. It was then a little modestly that this book was born, I was very discreet about it, as I am sometimes still too discreet when it comes to talking about me, my emotions.

What got me that long silence, it’s its imperfect aspect to me … since for the demanding and perfectionist that I am it took me time to be proud of it. Accept that I did not manage to open myself as I would have liked, to inject my DNA into this bookby modesty again. But today I have the necessary retreat to understand and define all these points deserving in my eyes to be deepened. Indeed, I wanted to breathe more poems, more inspirations, more of what makes me vibrate, simply.

Workshop nature birthday book creation the delicate parenthesis Workshop nature book creation the delicate parenthesis

Candlestick set design delivers the delicate parenthesis I also quickly forgot that this book was above all a real challenge, which I noted, in all the imperfection that composes it. And it is in fact these elements that make the richness of this beautiful project, since it alone represents 5 months of hard work. Very often alone to determine the ideas, to realize the set design, to capture them and write the step by step. Since yes, I took up the challenge of doing everything in two hands … and sometimes four that it is my friend of always and assistant of a few days Pauline who repeatedly relieved me of this amount of work. Or my father and his solutions to answer my crazy ideas, Vincent to answer present when it comes to moving a Saturday almost all of my home to a photo studio, this book gave me a hard time.

One year of the book the nature workshops of the delicate parenthesis creation do it yourself bookshops nature of La Délicate Parenthèse So discover the little details that make me crumple, sometimes a little saturated colors and all these small imperfections that made me question myself when receiving the finished product. It is actually today, with a fresh look, a great accomplishment, a beautiful story of life, the beautiful memory of a crazy project. Because finally, I can say it, I wrote a book. I wrote a book with my pen, my identity, I froze on a few pages my thoughts, my creative ideas of the moment and for all that I do not regret anything.

set design creation do it yourself bookshops nature of La Délicate Parenthèse Urban jungle blog set design book the delicate parenthesis

bearing wood Workshops nature The delicate parenthesis This project was finally a cocktail of doubts, questions, a few sleepless nights and thousands of Photoshop folders, which my computer still remembers. But it is also and above all beautiful encounters, be it my editor accompanying me in this crazy project, but also and especially you, during the signing sessions. I remember each of you, coming to meet me, sometimes chatting hours, during various events at the show Creation and Know-How, Cultura, Fnac or others.

I remember your words, your compliments, your thanks, our laughs, and it’s a real joy to to give you little parentheses of happiness to breathe into your daily life, to see the welcome that you have reserved at every moment to my universe. Thank you thank you thank you to each of you here or there, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, sometimes in the street (I know it’s completely crazy ^ ^). anniversary- The one year of the book the nature workshops of the delicate parenthesis christmas wreath handmade the nature workshops of the delicate parenthesis


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