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50 floor cushions Furnishing ideas for well-being

bodenkissen sofa im wohnzimmer 1
bodenkissen sofa im wohnzimmer 1

Floor cushions and poufs have been in fashion for some time now and they are becoming increasingly popular. It’s also no wonder, because the soft, flexible cushions are not only extremely practical and comfortable, but they fit into almost any interior design style skillfully. Cushions in general always make themselves good in our living worlds and give us even more cosiness and comfort. You will find them in countless colors and designs. Classic and innovative cover materials and fillings ensure even more comfort and optimum feel-good effect. For floor cushions, you can go even further and even enjoy them as ergonomic lounge furniture that is one of the most up-to-date living trends. Urban style, boho chic, ethnic flair or vintage – no problem for these remarkable decorators. Take a look at the stylish living ideas below and be inspired by them.

Floor cushions – flexible and comfortable at the same time

floor cushions living room furnishing ideas

Floor cushions – the all-rounder in terms of furnishing

As already mentioned, floor cushions are not a simple seating option, but a versatile element that can be easily converted into stylish sofas, side tables, coffee tables or even chests of drawers, individually and in combination with others. Flexibility, lightness and creativity are in the foreground here.



Added to this is the natural closeness to the earth, which is especially appreciated by city dwellers. An urban style full of homely atmosphere and rustic serenity. Lovers of the boho and ethnic home trends, however, are equally fond of the look and function of the flexible floor cushions and use them as often as possible.

Gorgeous floor cushion sofa by Urban Outfitters

floor cushions couch orange accent living room


We personally have the great floor cushions sofas and armchairs from Maisons du Monde as well as from Urban Outfitters We really liked them, which are available in different colors. Quite simply in soft pastel colors, in meaningful, colorful patterns or summery decorated in deep navy blue – the choice is entirely up to you. In addition one can decide between different building blocks and depths, in order to make the floor cushion furniture after the own needs and preferences optimally.

The small living room becomes a cozy oasis of well-being

floor cushion living room set up

Mah Jong 1971 – the unique design classic from floor cushions

After all, one of the most famous representatives of all floor cushions furniture is the design classic Mah Jong. The iconic sofa was designed by designer Hans Hopfer in the 1970s and has since been produced under the hip French design furniture brand Roche Bobois. In collaboration with well-known haute couture houses such as Missoni Home, Jean Paul Gaultier or Sonia Rykiel Maison, a series of unique design creations have been created that make passionate furniture lovers and true connoisseurs hearts beat faster.

The Mah Jong 1971 sofa – premium design and optimal functionality from Kenzo

mah jong couch living room establishment



Hand-sewn, quilted elements in exclusive fabrics, created with a lot of imagination and originality … just fantastic! The modular components of the Mah Jong Sofa can be easily adjusted like a jigsaw puzzle to suit your mood and also combined with other seat or throw pillows. So you always have a different haute couture design landscape in your own four walls.

The extravagant Missoni Home Version

floor cushion sofa ideas roche bobois missoni home

It is no secret that design classics have their proud price. Every single floor cushion by Mah Jong costs at least 500 Euro. Nevertheless, the effort is definitely worth it, especially for true design fans. And if the haute couture is too much of a good thing, you can also look for other floor cushion inspirations, such as this from our picture gallery below.

Have fun looking forward and setting up the Freshideen-Redaktion!

floor cushions furnishing ideas sofa

Make whole loungers out of floor cushions

bed lounger floor cushion ideas

Why not for the terrace!

terrace set up with floor cushions

Colorful and elegant …

floor cushion boho style

floor cushions couch living room ideas

floor cushion sofa in the living room

… in casual boho style

floor cushions indian style living room

ethno style floor cushion

lounge set up floor crawl living room

round floor cushions living room

… or rather puristic and relaxed in light, neutral nuances

floor cushion sofa living room set up

boho style furnishing with floor cushion throw pillow

set up japanese with floor cushions white

neutral tones living room floor cushions couch

puristic ethno floor cushion living room

Knitted look continues to be trendy

floor cushions knitted living room ideas

… but also faux fur and velvet are allowed to stay

floor cushions velvet wool

Set up fur cushions floor scandinavian

round floor cushions living trend small spaces

sofa made of floor cushions mattresses

Floor cushions are always good in the nursery

Set up floor cushions for children

colorful floor cushions couch ideas

children's room ideas with floor cushions

The right mix makes it …

indian furnish floor cushion living room

floor cushion throw pillow ethno style

floor cushions home decor boho style

boho style living room set up floor cushion bench

Create the ultimate lounge corner you deserve

floor cushions louge corner furnish

floor cushions lounge living room

floor cushions modern furnishing ideas living trends

urban ethno style living room floor cushions

Or do you like to have a whole lounge living room right now?

modular sofa floor cushions furnishing ideas

floor cushion sofa ideas arianne

floor cushion living room set up

set up in oriental style with floor cushions

Living room floor sofa set

Decorate living room with floor cushions

With the right combination of floor cushions you will definitely make it!

bohemian style floor cushion sofa

floor cushion seat cushion minimalist furnishings

boho style floor cushion ideas

couch brown with floor cushions

Moroccan patio set up floor cushions

pastel colored floor cushion living room

reema floor cushion sofa ideas

Russian kitchens with floor cushions

seat cushion floor cushion living room set up

scandinavian set up with floor cushions

zen feeling living room with floor cushions



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