Christmas is upon us and the planning and preparation for the decoration of the house must have already begun. So, here we are with our latest and wonderfully very simple DIY ideas of 5 best Christmas decorations – decoration ideas. Take a look around and get inspired for a wonderful decoration.

We have collected a huge collection of DIY ideas to prepare beautiful decorative items. Our gallery photos are ones that can be done without the tutorials, and it can be a great time and fun. Even one can involve the kids to make some of the beautiful items.


Ornaments or articles are things that can be readily available and we often throw them away as waste material. But when we save them, we can use them in the most creative way. The ice cream stick, the bottle caps, the small balls, the empty glasses and bottles and cartons, and the cartons can be cleverly used to make some wonderful decorative items, using only a few clever ideas.


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